10 Ideas for a Bathroom Shower Remodel

May 30, 2023

A few ideas for bathroom shower remodels.

Deciding on a bathroom shower remodel can be a daunting task for many people. However, with Beavers Contracting Services, you can easily transform the entire appearance of your bathroom. Our team also keeps up with the latest technologies and trends in bathroom renovations to ensure you are more than satisfied with the results.

Here are ten innovative bathroom shower remodel ideas to consider:

1) Subway Tiles for a Classic Touch

A timeless choice for a bathroom remodel idea is the incorporation of subway tiles. The linear design of subway tiles adds a traditional appearance to your bathroom walls. These tiles offer a diverse color palette and cater to a range of personal preferences, providing a unique touch to your bathroom shower remodel.

2) Glass Door Shower Enclosures for a Modern Design

Transform your bathroom into a modern design with glass-door shower enclosures. Not only do they make the bathroom appear larger, but they also showcase shower upgrades like tiling and fixtures. Opt for frameless designs for a sleek and clean look, synonymous with modern bathroom designs.

3) Natural Stone for an Earthy Elegance

One of the most luxurious shower ideas for your bathroom shower remodel is to incorporate natural stone. Each stone carries its own unique pattern, adding a one-of-a-kind element to your bathroom renovations. Natural stone can be used for shower tiles, shower walls, or even the shower floor.

4) Upgrade to a Built-in Shower

Built-in showers offer seamless integration into the bathroom. These showers are designed to fit perfectly within your space, providing an updated appearance to your bathroom upgrades. This remodeling idea improves not only your shower but also its entire design, giving your bathroom a sleek and refined look.

5) Add More Color

Adding a vibrant color palette can revitalize your bathroom shower. Whether it’s cool blues or refreshing greens, a well-chosen color scheme can give your shower a distinctive personality. You could opt for colored tiles, fixtures, or even a colored shower enclosure to bring your design vision to life.

6) Incorporate Extra Storage

An often overlooked but crucial aspect of bathroom renovations is incorporating extra storage. Built-in shower niches can provide space to store your toiletries while maintaining a clean and streamlined look. Similarly, built-in benches not only offer a seating option but also serve as additional storage in your shower.

7) Introduce Unique Shower Tiles

The choice of shower tiles can significantly influence the overall look of your bathroom shower remodel. Whether it’s geometric patterns or mosaic designs, tiles can add a dramatic effect to shower updates. Consider different materials, colors, and textures to add a personalized touch to your bathroom renovations.

8) Luxury Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can often have a significant impact on your bathroom upgrades. Adding stylish fixtures can illuminate the shower area and highlight its design. Whether you choose modern LED lights or traditional lighting choices, the right lighting can make your shower shine.

9) Floor Tile Patterns

The bathroom flooring plays a crucial role in bringing together all elements of your bathroom shower remodel. Your floor tile selection can enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom, whether it’s large-format tiles or intricate mosaic patterns. Choose tiles that complement the shower, fixtures, and color scheme for a cohesive look.

10) Wood Floors for a Rustic Appeal

Wood floors might seem unusual for a bathroom, but with proper sealing and care, they can add a warm, rustic charm. Available in various hues and textures, wood floors can provide a striking contrast against modern fixtures and glass enclosures.

Other Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Don’t limit your bathroom updates to these ten ideas, as these are just the beginning. You can easily design the bathroom of your dreams while choosing from a wide range of innovative shower upgrades and designs. Whether it’s installing tiles for a vintage charm or upgrading to a built-in shower for a sleek look, each design element can contribute to creating a unique space that resonates with your style and meets your needs.

Reaching out to a contractor is also a great way to learn other ideas for giving your bathroom shower a brand new appearance while also helping you save money.

Need a Bathroom Shower Remodel? Give Beavers Contracting Services a Call!

Working with an experienced contractor is important if you are planning to remodel your bathroom shower. Beavers Contracting Services specializes in bathroom shower remodel projects in Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County.

We will always make sure your project is completed with top-quality care and work. We understand that shower installation is a significant investment, which is why we use our expertise in bathroom renovations to provide services that not only fulfill your design preferences but also add value to your home.

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